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High precision solutions using Magnetic Resonance

About us

Fine Instrument Technology (FIT) is a research, development and innovation company that markets and develops equipment and solutions using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Located in the city of São Carlos - SP, considered the Capital of Technology and Brazilian pole in NMR, FIT has a highly qualified team composed of technicians, bachelors, masters and doctors in different areas of knowledge. The company has close relationships with national and international research centers and universities, adding even more expertise and development potential. Examples of partnerships are EMBRAPAs (Agroindustry, Soils and mainly Instrumentation), CIERMag (Center of Images and In Vivo Spectroscopy via Magnetic Resonance) from USP São Carlos and Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand). These partnerships are in addition to FIT's research and development team guaranteeing innovative equipment and solutions of high technology and quality with applications in several areas such as:

• Agriculture and foods
• Scientific instrumentation
• Industrial
• Medic

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Chemical and physical analyzes using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

Specfit is a national equipment that uses Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology to perform non-destructive, fast and highly accurate physical and chemical analysis. Its high technology allows a wide range of applications, many of them automated and without sample preparation. SpecFIT was developed with digital technology that has low obsolescence, easy upgradeability and high performance. In addition to the dedicated analysis options, we also offer different options for configuring the device with open solution for researchers to develop their own methods of analysis using NMR through a software programming of pulse sequences without the need of knowledge in computer programming.

    Wide range of applications
    Friendly sequence programming


  • RF Amplifier Options - 100W, 250W and 500W
  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Platform: Windows 10,8,8,1 and 7
  • Digital Transmitter
    • Modulation: amplitude, frequency and phase
    • Pulse resolution: 100 ns
  • Digital Receiver
    • 1MHz band configurable via software
    • Configurable software amplifier from -20 to +22 dB
  • Low dead time and time to echo
  • Different probe options (probes)


  • 0.5T magnet. Samples up to 16mm in diameter. Frequency for hydrogen: 22.5 MHz
  • 0.3T magnet. Samples up to 40mm in diameter. Frequency for hydrogen: 15 MHz
  • Probes options for different sample sizes and different elements like Phosphorus and Fluorine

SpecFIT Ultra

Spectrometer for image analysis via nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

Specfit Ultra is the equipment used for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology developed by FIT using low-obsolescence, easy-to-upgrade, low-cost, portable and high-performance FPGA technology with digital reception and transmission. With the SpecFIT console it is possible to program experiments of relaxometry (NMR-DT), spectroscopy and images through a system based on table filling, with which it is possible to program pulse sequences even without knowledge of computer programming language. It has two aesthetic models: one in the rack mount format 19" and the other in the table format.

    Friendly pulse sequence programming
    Hardware and Software simple upgrade
    Compatible with image realizations


  • High sensitivity (5ppb oscillator controlled by oven)
  • All digital equipment for frequencies up to 30 MHz
  • Maximum 1 MHz configurable reception band
  • Adaptable to any frequency
  • Optional 4-channel image acquisition module (X, Y, Z and B0)
  • Flexibility to generate amplitude, frequency and phase modulations that enable an adiabatic pulse execution
  • Receiver with direct scanning with high dynamic range
  • Two light and compact models (4 kg):
    • Bench cabinet 32x40x12 cm
    • 19 "rack mount


  • Digital Receiver
    • Input impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Sample rate: 100 MSPS
    • Programmable digital filter with maximum bandwidth of 1.25 MHz (0.8 us per sample)
    • Direct digitizing in 14-bit AD
  • Gradient Module
    • Number of channels: 4
    • Resolution: 16 bit
    • Maximum Refresh Rate: 1 MSPS
    • Output Voltage Range 10V
    • Rotation resolution: 1st
    • Coefficients of pre-emphasis: 30

  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Platform: Windows 10,8,8,1 and 7
  • Oscillator Stability: 5ppb
  • Working frequency up to 45 MHz
  • Programmable digital filter with 1 MHz maximum band (1 us per sample)
  • Front end adaptable to any frequency
  • Digital Transmitter
    • Output Impedance: 50 Ω
    • Pulse resolution: 100 ns
    • Modulation: amplitude, frequency and phase
    • Maximum Upgrade Rate 100 MSPS
    • Maximum output power 7 dBm


Your NMR experiment need high quality components.

The TR/Switch developed by FIT guarantees a good efficiency of the MRI measures protecting the components of the system. The communication between console, amplifiers and coil is made so that the reception is isolated while the system is transmitting high power and vice versa, thus protecting the equipment involved in the NMR experiment. This duplexer works for different frequencies. Consult FIT about the availability of the required frequency and also duplexers with active operation.

    Dinamic band of frequency
    Low time dead

Receiver coil

Development of the coil suitable for its application.

FIT has more than 10 years experience in developing image reels. We develop internal and on-demand designs of single-channel, quadrature, multi-channel phased array or sampled array types. Medical reels, animals, small animals, seeds etc for any scanner, low, high and very high field. 


Maintenance and Equipment Upgrade

Our electronics are digital and adaptable, so along with FIT experts, it is possible to update obsolete equipment without maintenance, reactivating them to operate as new. We give new life to that abandoned magnet.

Application Development Service

We develop NMR applications for clients in partnership with research institutions.

Development of Equipment on Demand

Permanent magnets, low field probes, gradient coils, automation.

Our Clients