Analysis performed with SpecFIT on soy matrices is essential to meet China’s quality demand

China’s new requirement, determined by the WTO in May this year, is that soybeans have an oil content between 20% and 22% and a protein content ranging from 40% to 44% or more. The Asian country also demands a soybean with a lower moisture content.

In order to comply with what was demanded by the largest global buyer of the commodity, soy industries need greater investment in analysis technologies to determine the levels of protein, oil and moisture.

The SpecFIT technology, manufactured by us (Fine Instrument Technology), can measure the protein, oil and moisture content of grains assertively in less than a minute, in a non-destructive way and without generating waste or using chemicals.

“The result of the analysis with SpecFit technology makes it possible to select seeds and also the choice of harvested grains that will meet the demands of more judicious buyers, especially in the Chinese market,” says the company’s CEO. “Having an effective analysis tool today is critical. The technology takes away the subjectivity and will guide the negotiations with China”, he points out. (Agroin Communication, June 23, 2022)

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