SpecFIT HR100

Low-field Magnetic Resonance Equipment (DT-NMR) with easy-to-use software, with ISO and AOCS certified analysis.

SpecFIT HR100 Advantages

  • 4 MHz and 0.12 T NMR equipment with dedicated software;
  • Homogeneity around 100 ppm for a volume of 40 mm in height with 40 mm in diameter.
  • Distance between poles: 100mm
  • 0.1 T H-type permanent magnet
  • Capacity for samples up to 80 mm in diameter;
  • Better signal-to-noise ratio;
  • Shorter experiment time;
  • Possibility of inline application;
  • Thermal stability 40.000 +- 0.001
  • Power 250W
  • Power 110V or 220V


  • Oil content in palm fruits;
  • Residues from the extraction of palm oil, almonds and palm cake;
  • Tenderness measurement of the whole meat sample;
  • Analysis of final packaged products, such as olive oil, meat, among others.

Bring your challenges to FIT

Our SpecFIT line can be your great ally in increasing efficiency by acting in quality control, process control and product development.

Quick Analyzes

Analyzes are performed quickly and the equipment is easy to operate.

Easy Calibration

The calibration curve is developed with few points and we provide qualified support to carry out

Non-destructive Method

The method is non-destructive and sample preparation to perform the analyzes is minimal.

Accurate Results

Quick management with results saved in a local folder or in the cloud. Compatible with the LIMS system com o sistema LIMS

Global Support

Our support is global, done in a dedicated and competent way

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