Q.One NMR Replace & Renew

For NMR spectrometers in need of repair, upgrade or replacement, consider the Q.One NMR Replace & Renew program.

The Q.One-Quantum-I-Plus console and accessories will completely automate your existing system for a high level of performance and productivity at a fraction of the cost of the new system.

The update includes:

• Quantum-I-Plus NMR Spectrometer
• Smart Tune and Match probe
• Shims or superior Shims
• 24 or 60 sample autosampler

This update will completely automate your NMR instrument so it can be run from anywhere. The Quantum-I-Plus console automates sample switching, core selection, probe tuning and filter selection.

Need to run 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F for a sample? The Quantum-I-Plus can do it all without user intervention.

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