SpecFIT HR50

Low-field Magnetic Resonance Equipment (DT-NMR) with easy-to-operate software, with certified analyzes (ISO, AOCS, etc).

SpecFIT HR50 Specifications

  • Magneto FIT-LMA H50
  • High sensitivity 15 MHz probe for 40mm or 18mm diameter tubes
  • Mains: 110 V or 220 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Consumption: 80W in stand-by mode / 250W in operation
  • Compatible with LIMS systems
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Oil and moisture content
  • Process Control and Losses in the Palm Oil Industry
  • Oil content in grains, seeds, fruits and extraction residues
  • Fatty acid profile
  • Oil content in rations
  • Oil content in animal meals (beef, pork, fish, etc.)
  • Characterization of vegetable oils

Bring your challenges to FIT

Our SpecFIT line can be your great ally in increasing efficiency by working in quality control, process control and product development.


Analyzes are performed in a few seconds with SpecFIT


The calibration curve is developed with few points. We provide qualified support to carry it out


Minimum sample preparation to perform the analysis


Quick management with results saved in a local folder or in the cloud. Compatible with the LIMS system

Global Support

Our support is global, done in a dedicated and competent way

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