Oil and Moisture Content

Analyzing the Oil and Moisture Content in oilseeds is of great importance in the vegetable oil production chain, since these matrices are mainly composed of water, structural water, oil, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Analyze Oil Content and Moisture with SpecFIT

The oil and moisture content are parameters that can be analyzed and known from the genetic improvement in the cultivation to the final process in the extraction.

SpecFIT is the ideal tool for oil and moisture measurements, following ISO and AOCS standards. SpecFIT HR50 has an accuracy of 95% and 95% repeatability, since it analyzes the entire sample in a few seconds, not just its surface. With NMR it is possible to detect 0.1% oil in the matrix.

Equipment with dedicated and easy-to-operate software for quick and accurate analysis in Oil Content and Moisture.



  • ISO 10565:1998
  • AOCS Ak 4-95
  • AOCS Ak 3-94


  • ISO 10632:2000
  • AOCS Ak 5-01
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