Process Control in the Palm Oil Industry

Palm oil extraction has several points of loss, therefore quick results are essential for effective process control.

SpecFIT is a complete solution for the control of losses in the extraction of palm oil.


Monitoring and controlling with SpecFIT

By monitoring the extraction process, you can check if it is in line with production or if it needs adjustments to continue. Thus, it is possible to control to keep the extraction process stable over time, monitoring by several points, as exemplified below. The efficiency of a stable and consolidated process in a palm oil extraction plant is between 90% and 92%.

SpecFIT assists in the loss monitoring and control cycle. With SpecFIT it is possible to perform analyzes in a few seconds and make adjustments in real time, increasing the extraction efficiency of the plant.

Examples of some points of loss in the Palm Oil Industry

Results Using SpecFIT

  • Improvement in Process Control
  • Loss reduction
  • Improvement in Fruit Quality

Losses 2020: 1.64%

Losses 2021: 1.32%

∆ Losses (2021 – 2020): – 0.32%

Extraction Rate (TEO) 2020: 21.73%

Extraction Rate (TEO) 2021: 22,68%

∆ OER = + 0.95%

Analysis for Process Control in the Palm Oil Industry is EXCLUSIVE to SpecFIT

Decreases Losses

Generating more revenue and efficiency in oil extraction

All Steps

SpecFIT can be present at all stages of the extraction process

Real Time Control

Monitoring is performed in real time, allowing process adjustments

Quick Results

Fast management.
Results saved in local or cloud folder. Compatible with LIMS system

Simple Calibration

Curve calibration is performed with few points

Ensure the Process Control in Extraction

With SpecFIT it is simple and calibration is performed with few points and minimal curve maintenance.
You will be able to monitor your extraction process in real time.

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