Polymer analysis is used not only for product quality control, but also for monitoring physical properties during production such as stiffness, transparency and gloss.

Analyze Determination of Xylene Soluble in Polypropylene

The determination of soluble in xylene in polypropylene is a fundamental parameter for quality control of the products of a polymer industry. Xylene soluble is the expression of a parameter established based on the percentage (%) of soluble substances in polypropylene, polyethylene, and other homopolymers and copolymers.  

With conventional methods it can take hours, but with SpecFIT this type of analysis is performed in seconds and with accurate results. Calibration is performed with 3 to 6 samples and can be performed on samples in pellet or sphere format.

Dedicated and easy-to-operate software for quick and accurate polymer matrix analysis


  • Ethylene content in PP
  • Density and crystallinity in PE
  • Oil and rubber content in PS and ABS
  • Determination of crosslinking density in elastomers
  • Plasticizers, additives and monomer fractions in polymers
  • Solids content in emulsions and latexes
  • Soft polymer coatings
  • Oil and moisture content
  • Fluorine content in polymers
  • Copolymers and degree of polymerization
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