SpecFIT technology analyzes Oils and Fats that replace Trans Fat

The ban on trans fat has brought to industries the challenge of finding healthy substitutes that can fulfill the function of ensuring thermal stability, as well as firmer consistencies or crunchiness to products.

The SpecFIT equipment technology has offered precise answers in the analysis of oils and fats that are used as trans fat substitutes, being able to determine whether the thermal characteristics are adequate to the specification of each product.

Food manufacturers have been betting on palm oil (or palm oil) as an input to replace trans fat, as it is a raw material available in large quantities, at an affordable price, has a sustainable plantation in Brazil and is approved by bodies regulations for food use.

“Palm oil has the best characteristic for providing thermal stability, without altering the flavor of food, as it has a higher solids content, it can be fractionated, that is, the most liquid parts can be separated from the most solid parts, which it makes it easier to obtain a fat with good thermal stability without the need for hydrogenation, therefore healthier.”- evaluated Silvia Azevedo.

The thermal variations between the species of this fruit force the industries that will use the input and the suppliers of these oils and fats to analyze the thermal behavior to guarantee the quality of their products.

SpecFIT technology is recommended by standards such as ISO and AOCS for this measure and has already been used by large processed food manufacturers in Brazil and other countries.

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