Meat Products​

Fat, moisture and protein content analyzes in meat products are crucial not only to ensure the quality of the final product, but also for monitoring the efficiency of formulation and industrial manufacturing processes.

The fast and accurate analysis of these parameters using SpecFIT is the right step to avoid losses due to deviations in the process and quality of the fine product.

Analyzes in SpecFIT

Important properties for beef quality are measured in SpecFIT in just 30 seconds.

FIT offers the bench model HR50 for analysis of samples on a laboratory scale and the equipment HR100 for processed, packaged or in natura samples, making it possible to analyze an entire piece of most cuts of meat.

In accordance with AOAC 2008:06 and MAPA regulations.


SpecFIT advantages

Quick Analyzes​

Analyzes are performed quickly and the equipment is easy to operate.

Easy Calibration

The calibration curve is developed with few points and we provide qualified support to carry it out

Non-Destructive Method

The method is non-destructive and sample preparation to perform the analyzes is minimal.

Accurate Results

Quick management with results saved on Excel or in a cloud. Compatible with the LIMS system

Global Support​

Our support is global, the service is provided in a dedicated and competent manner at all times



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