Water retention in soil is influenced by several factors, such as grain size, organic matter content, porosity, compaction, and other things. Thus the measurement of the Soil Water Retention Curve allows the soil moisture to be defined for a given pressure reading, as well as stipulating the necessary water blade to be applied.

Water retention curve
Application Note

Analyze Soil Water Retention Curve

The SpecFIT, Low Field TD-NMR equipment has been replacing old methods, in chemical and physical analysis, since it allows speed and greater detail of the analysis. The Soil Water Retention Curve analysis is no different! In conventional methods it takes months to get the result and to make a decision. With SpecFIT it is possible to obtain the same results, or even more precise and accurate results in only 10 hours.

The method is simple and with undeformed soil samples collected in PVC cylinders of 4 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height are saturated with water as usual and analyzed in SpecFIT without the need to apply pressure. With a single analysis it is possible to accurately determine the entire porosity distribution in the range of 2 µm to hundreds of µm (ultramicro to macro pores).

Dedicated and easy-to-operate software for quick and accurate soil water retention curves for samples up to 50mm in diameter.


No need to wait months for a result, with SpecFIT in a few hours you can get an accurate result and have quick decision making.

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