SFC (Solid Fat Content)

The solid fat content (SFC) is an important parameter for both quality control and product development for the food industry, especially for the chocolate, margarine, bakery, frying and cookie industries.

The characterization of raw materials and their combinations should be done by the solids curve or melt profile. The technology of SpecFIT is ideal for SFC analysis, in a fast and friendly way in accordance with AOCS Cd 16b-93, ISO 8292-1 and IUPAC 2.150

Analyze Solid Fat Content with SpecFIT

Performing solid curve measurement is very important for process quality and for a fast, accurate analysis, with high repeatability and without chemical preparation or sample weighing we offer the SpecFIT HRC27 equipment. This complete equipment allows SFC measurements by NMR, has a software adapted for the measurement of solid fat content for industries and complies with the following standards AOCS Cd 16b-93, ISO 8292-1 and IUPAC 2.150.

Why analyze the fat content with SpecFIT?

The impact of fat composition on the physical characteristics of fatty foods is well known and the solids curve meets the needs of the chocolate, margarine, baking, frying and cookie industries because the flavor and color of the product depend on the physical properties and crystallization behavior of the fat phase, so it is important to evaluate the shape of these fats from the production process to the final product.

Dry Bath (PDB6)

Performing the complete solids curve is a simple but costly job, you must completely melt the sample and divide it into different tubes, these will go to a melting step and then perform the zero degree bath and the time taken in this step differs (or varies) depending on the sample to be analyzed.


After the bath each of the tubes goes to another bath with a specific temperature (10,20,30,40, etc), where 30 minutes are spent and then the SFC analysis is performed on each tube and the SFC data for each temperature is obtained. Due to this more labor-intensive step, we offer the option of purchasing the PDB-6 Dry Bath from our partner LAIX TECHNOLOGIES, which has 6 temperature zones that can be controlled automatically.

Dedicated and easy-to-operate software for quick and accurate analysis of the solid fat content in oils and fats.



  • AOCS Cd 16b93
  • ISO 8292-1
  • IUPAC 2.150
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