Spin Finish

Analyzing the Spin Finish in textile yarns and synthetic fibers is important for product quality, since knowing this parameter in these matrices allows one to know the ideal amount of oil for cohesion between fibers and, as a consequence, the production of quality products.

Analyze Spin Finish with SpecFIT

The liquid coatings applied in various steps of the synthetic fiber manufacturing process are important for controlling various properties, including the coefficient of surface friction and electrostatic charge. Knowing this parameter makes for efficient operation, so you need to control it frequently. With SpecFIT it is possible to analyze the Spin Finish in seconds, with precision and repeatability, the process control becomes real-time.

Equipment with dedicated and easy-to-operate software for quick and accurate Spin Finish analysis on synthetic or textile yarns.

SpecFIT is COMPATIBLE with many matrixes:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyamide
  • Acrylic

Too much oil can result in unnecessary cost increase, insufficient fiber cohesion, uncontrolled fiber and downstream process behavior.

On the other hand, insufficient oil can cause excessive friction, which causes yarn breakage, excessive build-up, which causes uncontrolled fiber behavior and unstable performance.

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