MRI helps in the evaluation of meats

SpecFIT technology can streamline animal protein quality assessment

Powerful magnets are used to produce a magnetic field that forces proton alignment. A radio frequency current is pulsed, causing protons to be disorganized. When this current is turned off, the particles re-in, and the sensors can identify the difference in the substances by the energy released.

Unlike other equipment, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance does not use ionizing radiation. Thus, the technology does not pose a risk of genetic alterations nor for the quality of the meat.

A magnetic resonance equipment, developed by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) with the startup Fine Instrument Technology (FIT), achieved the first commercial registration in Brazil. SpecFIT can evaluate the acidity, moisture and fat content of meats, grains, fruit pulps and any product in the food industry.

The technology can be used throughout the production chain, from farms to supermarket shelves and even outside food production.

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