Equipment measures soy protein and oil and helps in the sale of the grain

Technology from Fine Instrument Technology in partnership with Embrapa Instrumentação also measures humidity and fatty acid content.

The analysis technologies can help to measure these values ​​and also help the producer in the management of handling procedures. The solution that goes to this meeting is the SpecFIT, equipment developed by Fine Instrument Technology (FIT) in partnership with Embrapa Instrumentação.

The equipment uses magnetic resonance, which examines the interior of the grain, going to the level of the hydrogen atom.

“It is less susceptible to interference of color, luminosity, form, that is, it is not necessary to grind the grain to do the analysis.”

Silvia, CEO of FIT, explains that SpecFIT requires only ten samples to be analyzed, using the traditional laboratory methodology, serving as a reference so that the calibration curve of the equipment is reliable and does not need to be changed.

“If the producer wants to replace a fertilizer, how will he know what the impact of this change was on his final product? If planted in the same area, with the same seed and the crop suffered practically the same amount of rain between crops, the equipment is able to indicate to him that the application of a certain input has or has not impacted the quality of the soybean” , points

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